These chartbusting growth hacks include


How to get featured in the App Stores


A Google Search hack to send more traffic to your landing page


How to hack press coverage


A list of Top 200 tech reporters and bloggers with their contacts


Using your competitors to get you downloads


Leveraging high-traffic directories to send traffic your way

App Distribution Is Incredibly Hard

Driving mobile app downloads is far harder than building the product. That’s a fact and we have to live with it. But who says this can’t be made easier? What if I were to tell you that you can too drive up to a million downloads within the next one year?

I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and grow their mobile app startups and have learnt many secrets (hacks) that some of the industry biggies use regularly to keep themselves at the top of the charts. I even wrote a book to help non-technical funders to launch a successful mobile app business.

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These Are Just Some Success Stories

Glenn Harrold Amassed Over 2 Million Downloads

Using some of the strategies outlined in this email course, Glenn Harrold has amassed over 2 million downloads for his guided meditation apps, generating 7 figure revenues.

Sleep Easily App Acquired Over 450,000 Customers

Shazzie's Sleep Easily app not only acquired over 450,000 customers, but enjoys some of the highest customer retention numbers across the most successful apps of all time.

NameMyWorld App Reaches The Top Charts On App Store

Strategies laid out in this growth hacking course helped NameMyWorld iOS app hit number 1 spot in Lifestyle category on the Apple App Store and continues to be featured in What's Hot.